Presentation of activities

Directed by Brigitte Gauthier (Full Professor of English and Cinema at the UEVE), the SLAM Laboratory is the result of the addition of  the RASM Laboratory and the SCRIPT Program. It was presented to the AERES in January 2013; and was authorized under the EA4524 code number. We want to create Research projects connected to Languages, Art and music, hence the Laboratory’s name: Synergy Languages Arts and Music (SLAM). Poetry slam is an oral recited poem, performed in public places, on a fragmented rhythm. From pioneers to contemporary creators, it is the poetic energy rooted in society, writing and music that animates us.

SLAM= SCRIPT + Mélanges Interculturels (Intercultural Blend)

SLAM is composed of 2 parts, SCRIPT, and MI, the later is meant to generate zones of intersection.

SCRIPT (Screenwriters Creators diRectors Interperters Performers Translators) : Brigitte Gauthier

Intercultural Blend: Damien Ehrhardt