PHD students are supervised within the SCRIPT ACADEMY, which is open to students from the different research axes. The series of seminars deals with topics linked to every kind of document or support: text, web, comic, movie, series, transmedia and their interactions with other arts.

The Script Academy serves as a platform where PHD students can meet regularly and are encouraged to propose a Junior colloque each year on the progress of their personal research, around a specific question that changes every year and allows them to develop a different aspect of their thesis.

PHD students present their work in front of their colleagues and teachers and experts on the related subjects which echo and broaden their angle of approach and make them analyze their corpus with a critical eye.

A relationship with students in the M2 LEA TTM program has been created so as to familiarize them with the reality of research. These students act as translators, interpreters or whisperers during the SCRIPT ACADEMY seminars.