Damien Ehrhardt

General presentation:

Damien Ehrhardt is a Senior Professor at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne and co-host of the School of Humanités at the University of Paris-Saclay. He is a member of the Council and in charge of the Intercultural Mixing group of the SLAM (Synergie Langues Arts Musique) Laboratory of the University of Paris-Saclay/Evry.

His research is in the fields of musicology and cultural studies. Particularly, he co-edited the complete edition of Robert Schumann’s work.

He served as Chargé de mission to elaborate a cultural project (2008-2010) for the university, then acted as Vice President for Culture (2010-2015).  He is a former scholarship student at the D.A.A.D and the Humboldt Foundation and laureate of the Amitié Franco-Allemande prize.

He has either organized or co-organized several interdisciplinary Humboldt conferences on various subjects like emotions, planet fascination, unity in diversity and doubt.

His qualifying paper in order to direct doctoral students (HDR) was entitled “On cultural transfers between Germany and France in the field of instrumental music during the 19th century.” Musicology and performing arts, the University of Strasbourg, 2004.

PhD Dissertation: Variation in Robert Schumann’s work, Musicology and performing arts, the University of Paris-Sorbonne, 1997. French


Laboratory: SLAM

Research themes:

Interculturality, cultural studies, musicology, Schumann, Franco-German relationships

His research interests are in the fields of musicology (Robert Schumann, Hugo Riemann, musical form, variations, program music and Franco-German relationships in music…) and cultural studies (cultural transfers, musical performance studies, intercultural communication).