Music and Finality

Music and Finality

Music and Finality, The esthetics of final pieces

The University of Evry Val d’Essonne

On December 8th– 9th, 2015, in the Audiovisual auditorium – 1ers Cycles Building

-On Tuesday, December 8th

9:15a.m, Welcoming of Participants

9:30a.m, Inès Taillandier-Guittard, Uniqueness of final works

10a.m, Pierre-Emmanuel Lephay, Does their unfinished state give prestige to works?

10:35a.m, Stéphan Etcharry, Atlántida or Manuel de Falla’s unfinished testament

11:10a.m, BREAK

11:25a.m, André Lischke, Shostakovich’s Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op.147: Beethoven as a last resort

Guildas Guillon (viola) and Inès Taillandier-Guittard (piano): Shostakovich’s Sonata for Viola and Piano, op.147

12:20p.m, LUNCH and student concert in the Audiovisual auditorium

2p.m, Hugues Seress, The example of Ernő Dohnányi’s last opuses

2:35p.m, Dimitri Kerdiles, Luigi Nono’s “late style”

3.10p.m, BREAK

3:25p.m, Martin Kaltenecker, Adorno: reader of the last Beethoven

Mérag Quatuor: Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 (4th mvt) and No.16 (4th mvt)

4:20p.m, Beate Perrey, Final sparkles: Beethoven at the end in op. 109-III

7:30p.m, Concert at Evry village’s Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul Church

UEVE vocal group and the Deux Vallées choir

Directed by: Annie Couture

Quatuor Mérag


-On Wednesday, December 9th

9a.m, Welcoming of Participants

9:30a.m, Laëticia Devos, Paul Dessau’ Leonce und Lena: a compose’sr close look at a “tale told by an idiot and meaning nothing”

 10:05a.m, Violaine Anger, Béatrice et Bénédict, completion or weariness?

10:40a.m, BREAK

10:55a.m, Frédéric Maintenant, Modern rewriting in Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil de Gérard Grisey

11:30a.m, François Delecluse, How does Debussy reinvent his style at the end of his life?

12:05p.m, LUNCH, and student concert in the Audiovisual auditorium

1:45p.m, Etienne Kippelen, The esthetics of György Ligeti’s last piece, reconciliation or exploration?

2:20p.m, Odile Jutten, Vor deinen thron tret ich hiermit choral prelude for organ, analytic decoding

2:55p.m, Florence Fabre, The last piece of Schumann, the posthumous Geistervariationen (WoO 24) or the Gesänge der Frühe (op. 133)?

Jasmina Cotric : Gesänge der Frühe (op. 133) and Geistervariationen (WoO 24)

3:55p.m, BREAK

4:10p.m, Martin Guerpin, The “last” Coltrane: from jazzman to icon

4:45p.m, Grégoire Tosser, The Eternal: Sonic Youth’s album for eternity?

6:30p.m, Concert in the Audiovisual auditorium

UEVE vocal group

Directed by Annie Couture