Scriptwriting Finalists 2021

Five scripts made it to the finalist position. As finalists, they are offered a 10-minute live reading of an excerpt from each script, read by actors, thus offering the screenwriters the opportunity to hear their words out loud.

Live streaming. Reading of excerpts from the five finalist scripts directed by Jillie Simon.

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The five finalist screenplays:

  • Bones of Ribbon by A.M. Sanders  

      When a new teacher arrives in the Australian Outback, he unites with a strong-willed, compassionate student counsellor to fight the systemic racism, homophobia, transphobia, and child abuse plaguing the town.

  • In Hyding by Carlos Perez

      Dr. Jekyll has perfected a medical formula that will bring back a part of himself that was lost because of his father's mistreatment, and now that Miss Hyde has entered the picture, she has no intention of leaving. This is a transgender woman version of the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Tale.​

  • I Promise You This by Todd G. Sorrell

​      An Air Force Sergeant and mixed race young man take on anti-gay policies, workplace and domestic hostilities, and even the threat of terminal illness to win at love.

  • The Hunters by Karl Shefelman

​      Two trouble-making brothers, Will (11) and Charlie (14) are sent to live with their estranged father in West Africa, only to find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives when a group camping trip in the desert goes terribly wrong. Based on a true story.

  • Those Who Wander by David Neal and Oscar Sanchez

      In the 1950's South, an aimless young lawyer finds himself torn between his racist family and community on one side and his six-year old client and a beautiful black woman on the other.

Post-reading discussion moderated by Brigitte Gauthier.

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