Associated Masters


-Music and Performing Arts Administration (UEVE)

-Musicology and Musical engineering (UEVE)

Head: Philippe GUMPLOWICZ


Phone number: (+33) 1 69 47 74 44

Applied Foreign Languages:

-TTM Trilingual Transmedia Master, 2 possibilities:

  1. Languages, production and new media narration
  2. Language and new media translation

Head : Brigitte GAUTHIER

Email :

Phone number : (+33) 6 08 34 41 71


The originality of this Transmedia Master: LANGUAGES, a union of Translation and Creation. An LEA Master educates students to do apply translation to new media (translation, creation, invented trilingual scriptwriting and oral utilization of three languages in relation to media). This master is oriented to scientific, technical and audiovisual translation on every form of media technology.