Michèle Humbert

General presentation:

She has an Art history channel in Florence and also in Rome. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne, and has collaborated with researchers from several universities: Sapienza and ENSBA in Rome, IDEAT at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, and RASM in Evry. She began her career by taking part in research programs and publications under the supervision of G.C Argan, eminent Italian art historian and former mayor of Rome, and Jean-Claude Lebensztejn.


Art history and architecture

Fields of expertise:

Iconology and iconography

Marcel Duchamp and historic avant-gardes

The printing and distribution of architecture treaties and architectural models between Italy and France

The iconology of silence


Research topics:

The visible as method of reception for works of art

The engineering of exchanges in contemporary art

Filled space: the visual organization of reception

Observation of visible urban networks

Art dialogue and place through focus examples

Writing, gesture and silence

Marcel Duchamp, the archeology of  silence and opposite co-intelligences

The preservation of patrimony



(Selected according to lectures given at UEVE and during the past few years)

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  • 2003-2005. In collaboration with the author, had responsibility (revision and annotation) of Dada à Paris’ new edition by Michel Sanouillet, reference book about Dada movement. Author of the introduction. English translation about to be published at MIT Press.
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  • 2004-2005. File in preparation for registration on the supplementary inventory of caserne Schomberg’s historical model building of the 19th century (this demand was successful: the building was listed in January 2005).
  • 2005 the University of Evry Val d’Essonne, Musicology and Performing arts. Study day on Expression organized by V. Anger. Expression and indifference in Marcel Duchamp’s work.
  • 2005. Violer la tradition: « à propos de la provocation silencieuse de Marcel Duchamp ». Colloquium at the Villa Médicis (Rome) about Violent creation: creative impulsion between dexterity and violence. Proceedings to be published.
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  • 2007. Emotion et indifférence chez Marcel Duchamp, Humboldt College colloquium organized by D. Ehrhardt, German embassy about « Emotions: à travers sciences et humanités ».



Art history

Art and urbanity

Dialogue and the interpretation of art

Introduction to research and its applications

Interpretation of the city





Ecole Alsacienne, Paris Nanterre University, Pantheon Sorbonne University, La Sapienza in Roma

Work experience

Tenured art history and contemporary art history teacher at the ENSBA in Florence, then in Rome

Member of the AICA