One-day conference "Can we speak of 'European' Research?"

One-day conference “Can we speak of ‘European’ Research?”

The universal nature of research, multiple approaches. European researchers testify.

Programme of the DDAD-Humboldt meeting, September 22nd, 2017

Organised by the Humboldt France Association and DAAD Alumni France, coordinated by Damien Ehrhardt. Participants : Michèle Humbert (Rome), Outi Merisalo (Jyväskyla), Alexandre Kostka (Strasbourg), Jean-Pierre Jacquot (Nancy)

1 :30 pm : Welcoming of the participants

1 :45 pm : Welcome address

2 pm : Presentations by Humboldt scholars


3:30 p.m : “Can we speak of ‘European’ Research?”

Workshop of DAAD Alumni France and Humboldt France Association members.

4:45 pm : Conclusion of the day

5 pm : Closing reception