International colloquium SCRIPT/South Africa

International colloquium SCRIPT/South Africa

8-9th October, 2014, organised by B. Gauthier, Director of SLAM Lab, University of Evry, UEVE

Screening of AFDA Short films, including the, fiction-documentary by Lionel Rogosin, “Come Back, Africa”, released in 1959, in black and white, lasting 95min.

Papers:  Annael Le Poullenec : “Post-apartheid space in South-African Fictional Films, a panoramic study” and Stephanie Genty : Music and political commitment in “Come Back Africa” (1959) and “Sarafina!” (1992).

Study day direction SCRIPT 2/ South Africa, Les Cinoches 3, DEC 2013

Romeo Agid, “The Antwoord : Rap-Rave Group from the Cape,” Documentary about South-African movie production : Voices by Joachim Landau, Debate with the film director Joachim Landau.

STUDY DAY DIRECTION SCRIPT3/South Africa, UEVE, 28TH April, 2013, Indian Buffet, DECINEMADE SCHOOL JOHANNESBOURG FILM SCREENING, AFDA, subtitled by Master LEA students UEVE : Screening of “Faceless” by Cole Matthews, of “Kanye Kanye” by Miklas. Manneke Kanyekanye has won the Best Short Film Award at the FESTICAB Film Festival in Burundi. “Kanye Kanye” played at The Pan African Film & Arts Festival in Los Angeles and won a SAFTA award. Master students debate on social issues in South Africa and Black Box Recordings are screened.