One-day conference "Transmedia Refugees

One-day conference “Transmedia Refugees

September 22nd, 2017

Screening of the movie “Linda and her dog Vila, Helping the 2016 Samos Refugees” (2017, 13min) followed by a talk on the media coverage of the refugee situation in Greece  in the English and American press. This will be followed by the screening of the interviews by Sallie Latch, directed by Brigitte Gauthier (2017, VO, 52min). Senah Sanah will discuss the transfer of refugees on French soil. This will be followed by the screening of the movie “Ketermaya” by Lucas Jedrzejak, prize winner (Peloponnese Documentary Film Festival à Kalamata, Grèce Winner of the Youth Award Diritti A Todi, Perugia Human Rights Film Festival, Italy Finalist au L.A. Cine Film Festival, US).

“Sony, in 2005” (Lebanpn, 1h18) filmed in a refugee camp in Lebanon, with a discussion with the film maker about the situation in Lebanese refugee camps, interpreted by Brigitte Gauthier. Stephen Bouquin, sociologist, Centre Pierre Naville will speak on “to fight for another world so as refugees can come back home and obtain their right to geographic mobility at the same time (after a study trip to Kurdistan); Anne-Christine Loranger, movie critic (Dresden), will speak on three films, three visions of the destiny of refugees : “Fuoccomare,” “Inch’Allah”, “Va, vis et deviens”, followed by a skype session with Sallie Latch (in English), American journalist interviewed by Brigitte Gauthier. The day will be concluded with the screening of the movie “Dheepan”, by Jacques Audiard (2015, 1h55)

Discussion and Conclusion by Brigitte Gauthier.