Study day : Music and Cultural Transfers

Study day : Music and Cultural Transfers

With the participation of:

Alexandre Augrand, University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne (UEVE)/ Paris-Saclay University (UPSay) ;
Christine Bonneville, UEVE/UPSay ; Matthieu Cailliez, Grenoble Alpes University ; Damien Ehrhardt, UEVE/UPSay ; Hélène Fleury, UEVE/UPSay & CEIAS, EHESS ; Beat Föllmi, Strasbourg University ; Stefan Keym, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès ; Xavier Sanchez, UEVE/UPSay …

On Monday, November 21th, 2016

From 9a.m to 1p.m at the University of Evry

Small Auditorium, Ile de France Building

23, boulevard François Mitterand, 91025 Evry Cedex

RER D, Evry Courcouronnes Centre

Organized by Damien Erhrhardt, head of the “Intercultural Mixes” part of the SLAM Laboratory


9a.m, Welcoming of Participants

9:30a.m, 1st part, From Franco-German relationship to triangular transfers in Europe, animated by Christine Bonneville, UEVE/UPSay

Stefan Keym, University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, Research on cultural transfers in music: chances and perspectives

Matthieu Cailliez, Grenoble Alpes University, Thinking about cultural transfers of lyrical art between France, Germany and Italy during the 19th  Century

Beat Föllmi, Strasbourg University, Bucarest – Paris – Berlin. Thinking about triangular cultural transfers


11a.m, Break

11:30a.m, 2nd part, From Europe’s edges to globalization, animated by Hélène Fleury, UEVE/UPSay & CEIAS, EHESS

Xavier Sanchez, UEVE/UPSay, Introduction of the Russian and Spanish music interferences project

Alexandre Augrand, UEVE/UPSay, Globalization of Dance Music in light of cultural transfers


12:30p.m, Conclusion and perspectives by Damien Ehrhardt, head of the “Intercultural Mixes” group of the SLAM Laboratory