Chéreau in his time

Chéreau in his time

On Thursday, November 17th, 2016

9a.m to 9:15a.m Opening by Georges Haddad, president of Pantheon-Sorbonne 1 University and Barthélémy Jobert, president of Paris-Sorbonne University.

9:15a.m to 9:30a.m Introduction by Pascale Goetschel, Marie-Francçoise Lévy and Myriam Tsikounas. And projection of the Interview with Patrice Chéreau conducted by Moussa Abadi, on June 23rd, 1966

Esthetics and the political route

9:30a.m to 11:30a.m Beginnings in public theaters (president: Robert Abirached)

René Gaudy, The Patrice Chéreau Generation, rupture or integration

Pascale Goetschel, Chéreau at Sartrouville (1966-1969): the bias of the theater

Marion Denizot, Patrice Chéreau, the institutions and public utilities: the contradictions of a man of conviction

Anne-Françoise Benhamou, Chéreau, Brecht and Althusser (1964-1965)

11:30a.m to 1p.m round table Italian experiences (president: Carlotta Sorba)

Paola Ranzini, Questions of repertory. Productions by Patrice Chéreau in Italy (1969-1971)

Marie-Françoise Lévy, Between France and Italy: Patrice Chéreau and the creation of Richard II (January-February 1970)

Livia Cavaglieri, Stefano Locatelli, Donatella Orecchia (Ormete), The memory of the theatre: voices and records of Patrice Chéreau’s passage at Piccolo Teatro

2:30p.m to 4:15p.m, Returns from Italy (presidents: Myriam Tsikounas and Michel Bataillon “It is about beauty we could eat alive!”

Julien Centrès, When Chéreau writes History: Toller, a singular experience

François Jost, The Companion

4:15p.m to 5:30p.m, Round table “Nanterre moment” (presidents: Christian Biet and Catherine Tasca)

Gérard Desarthe, Hamlet in Nanterre (to be confirmed)

Beatrice Houplain, Actor school of Nanterre extracts from In the Solitude of Cotton Fields, Black Battles with Dogs and Hamlet

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Chéreau at work

9:15a.m to 12:30p.m, Labor/Work on works (presidents: Marco Consolini)

Patrice Chéreau, leader in Nanterre (Georges Banu)  and Les Trois mousquetaires, the rehearsal ? of La Reine Margot (Aurore Renaut)

Antoine de Baecque, Chéreau in history? Filming the violence in La Reine Margot

Marguerite Vappereau, “You haven’t betrayed me, you interpreted me.” Les Paravents by Jean Genet, directed by Patrice Chéreau at the Théâtre Amandiers-Nanterre (1983)

Serge Linares, Exhibitions of La Douleur: Chéreau interprets Duras

Quentin Rioual, Patrice Chéreau in the Norwegian moment of French theatre at the beginning of the 21st century.

Grégoire Tosser and Inès Taillandier Guittard, “Schweig und tanze!” : enigmas and contradictions in the final scene of Richard Strauss’ Elektra

12:30p.m to 12:45p.m, Patrice Chéreau, actor’s director (edited movie by Myriam Tsikounas with INA images)

2p.m to 3:50p.m: In present time works (president: Pascal Ory)

Françoise Zamour, Of Gods and Kings, figures of power from The Ring to La Reine Margot

Mathieu Lericq, Irregular bodies. Present Time as Symptom in The Wounded Man by Patrice Chéreau (1983)

Brigitte Gauthier, The Elective intimacies of Patrice Chéreau: a committed cinema providing an analysis of contemporary morality

Manon Worms, Phèdre: staining Racine with blood

4:10p.m to 6p.m, The creator’s world, (president: Dominique Kalifa)

Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux, 1973-1983 (from “A Matter of Dispute”[La Dispute] to “Black Battles with Dogs” [Combat de nègre et de chiens]). How to reinvent a talking stage?

François Picard, From Appia to Chéreau, light as an expressive material

Marie-Noële Sicard, The Louvre, Theater and Painting

Anaïs Fléchet and Jean-Sébastien Noël, Chéreau –soundscape. Music and sound in the making of Chéreau’s movies



Saturday, November 19th, 2016, Chéreau at work (2nd part)

9a.m to 11:30a.m, round table German experience (president: Robert Frank)

Robert Frank, The Boulez-Chéreau Meeting in Bayreuth

Marielle Silhouette, Patrice Chéreau’s Reception in Germany

Elise Petit, Patrice Chéreau, Pierre Boulez: The Journey of the Ring (1976-1980)

Nicole Colin, Patrice Chéreau – the man who brought German theater into France

11:30a.m to 1p.m, Circulations: time, sorts and spaces (president: Eric Bussière)

Antoine Helbo, Céreau and binational contexts of production

Michel Rapoport, Intimité (Intimacy). A French Auteur Film in English

1p.m to 1:30p.m, Conclusion by Anne-Françoise Benhamou